long may, then babies

i have spent most of may recuperating from cat bite injuries. i've been cat sitting for a lovely friend since getting home from texas, and in preventing My tom cat from injuring Hers, and with no other tools expediently nearby, i used myself. definitely not the wisest choice i've ever made, but i didn't want her kitty to get hurt. and, this is my tom cat, who didn't try to bite me even when i banded him. so i scruffed him, and he scratched the hell out of me and got a hold of my left index finger and chomped in like i was steak. 5 sets of puncture wounds through muscle and tendon and to the bone on that one. 5 other sets of punctures on two other fingers and a bunch of scratches. me covered in fur; him covered in blood. finally, almost a month later i can (sort of) type with that finger again, have been on intensive herbal treatment the whole time, gave in and took a run of antibiotics for a week around week three, have soaked in epsom salts many times, etc etc.

i may still end up with a bum finger. maybe i'll become a superhero who is always pointing dramatically at things. or maybe i'll just take solomon seal for months and eventually my tendons will heal up. only time will tell.

in the meantime, jon has been doing the heavy farm work while i recuperate and i've been anxiously awaiting babies. our rex/angora cross babies are weaned and one has gone off to a new home. here's what the others look like now.

my muscovy lady has been setting on eggs for a little while - she's at 16 or 17 total so far, with several of those being chicken eggs. that ought to be interesting. hopefully we can slip them in with these guys...

who are just two days old right now, but working their way around the poultry yard. cochin mama has been doing a great job, even with a raccoon prowling around recently (franny treed it a few nights ago, and jon shot it for her. excellent teamwork).

and last but not least, angora lady has kindled again (she had two faulty starts earlier in spring). first baby was apparently a bit too premie or had some other issue and didn't make it despite assistance nursing. these other four are doing alright - especially that spotted one. it's Huge and always has a big, full belly. cutey cutes!


Amazing blog. I read it frequently. Hope the finger gets better.