Tuesday, July 15, 2014

time to leap

no new pictures for today, but i have got big news:

i'm moving. literally and figuratively. i'm not sure whether i'll keep posting on this blog or not, but i'll certainly be posting on a new one. if you're interested in continuing to follow my adventures, please send a comment (i won't publish them unless you ask me to) or e-mail (underhill AT riseup (dot) net) and i will get the link to you.

i'm incredibly excited about this move. there is definitely sadness involved - i have had some of the best neighbors in the world here, and i will miss all the people, critters, and plants that have befriended me along the way. i love the land that i'm on right now, and have loved it well for five years. i believe it was the best choice for me at the time to come out here, but i don't think that's true any more. the land i'm moving onto is larger (easier year round raising of sheep), wilder, has a year round spring fed creek that is clean, and is surrounded by wild forests, hunting grounds, and space where i can harvest firewood. i'll still be doing many of the same things there - making as much as possible by hand, raising and gathering foods and medicines from the land, tanning hides, building primitive shelters, etc. my hope and excitement is that the particular place i'm heading will make it not only Easier to live primitively, but will actually encourage me in that direction because that's really the best way to live in that kind of bioregion.

part of the figurative move is that i'm shedding more of the old notion that i ought to justify or validate my choices to people who are outside my 'tribe'. which is why i'm not posting the link publicly, nor will i attempt to do so much of what felt like 'convincing' or justifying when i explain the various aspects of my life any more. i'm not attempting to do outreach. the information will be there if people are really looking for it. but i've got a life to live and some land, animals, plants, rocks and water to love, and i want to get on with doing that.

you're welcome to join me vicariously if you'd like. just say the word.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

cute, crazy, and crafty

karma dog
karma is still super cute.

crazy plant growing in a bucket of pebbles and sand
i found this strange plant growing in a sealed bucket of sand and pebbles.

crazy plant growing in a bucket of pebbles and sand

wool felted bowls
and, i made felted wool bowls for the first time the other day. it was super easy (Much faster than making my boots) and very fun. they are way cute! i'm stoked about making more.

wool felted bowls

Saturday, June 21, 2014

quincy herb fair

our booth at the herb fair
my friend and neighbor kim and i shared a booth at the quincy herb fair for the second year in a row. we had a blast, met some lovely people, and made a bit of money. i was very proud of our booth and the lovely products we were able to put out. this included some incredible, local-clay pottery made by a friend of ours.

our booth at the herb fair
my favorite bowl.

our booth at the herb fair
i made a lot of candles.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

critters are cute

lovey all sheared
lovey got sheared with my favorite pair of kid scissors. yep, like the ones you used in grade school. they worked wonderfully. it only took a bit over an hour - much faster than i had been taking. and with no help. and a bum finger. lovey is very pleased, as am i.

lovey's fleece
her fleece (this half of it, anyway) even looks sheep-shaped.

cat and dog stare
francis and inkla have cute staring times.

francis face
francis is still very cute any time she wants her picture taken.

karma out for chores
and our new (migrated from texas) farm dog, karma, who is mostly seen from behind, whether because she's running out over the excitement of doing chores, or because she's given you her butt to scratch.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

river rocks and sunsets

river rock pendants
i made pretty copper wrapped river rock pendants as perks for an indiegogo campaign. i like them. i could sit at the river all day looking for rocks and admiring them.

also, good sunsets.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

shaving horse and shearing sheep

jon built a shaving horse recently, and i caught him messing around making some feather sticks. they're pretty helpful bits of kindling for starting fires.

jon at the shaving horse

jon at the shaving horse

we also sheared jon the sheep, who took a whopping three hours (we have only sheared once/twice before). we tried to take a break in the middle, but jon the sheep would not let us... because whoever was not shearing him was petting him and holding his lead. and he LOVES being petted. haha. he's a little lumpy looking, but much cooler and happier.

jon the sheep, sheared
(this is pre-neck shearing, since a friend of mine requested a 'lion picture' of him)

jon's fleece and hand shears