raucous animals and spring babies

here are lovely photos of early spring on the farm. the goats and sheep are free ranging while i get their spring paddocks set up, the chicken and rabbit babies are very cute, and we have two fresh-born bucklings.

fred on the porch - farting rainbows
fred apparently farts rainbows.

meagan on the porch
meagan is an asshole. she's a great milker (says my neighbor, who gave her to me, and i believe it), but refuses to accept the otherwise preferred herd hierarchy, headbutts pregnant goats in their stomachs, climbs on and ruins everything she possibly can, and is generally a much less respectful goat than all the others. we will eat her soon, and stick with critters who are willing to enjoy a relationship of mutual respect.

baby saanen buckling
this is our first buckling, born to anjhetti the saanen doe.

you are full of milk for me?
first buckling is pretty convinced he should be able to nurse from mari-hanna... she does have milk, but she hasn't kidded yet. her milk is not for this little boy. he tries anyway.

new saanen buckling
here is our second buckling, born to mari. he and mom both did well considering how much meconium was on him when he came out.

baby chicken ladies
chicken ladies are growing up, foraging outside with the grown birds every day, and will come run up to me and climb on me when i'm nearby. they are very sweet and wily.

silkie hen
silkie lady lays ping pong ball sized eggs. i am very impressed with how her and her rooster man have passed the winter with little concern.

silkie rooster
silkie rooster knows his job, though the welsummer hens are often too fast for him. nonetheless, he lets out a mighty crow and holds his own despite being the smallest male.

baby rex/angora bunnies
nest of baby bunnies. they're rex/angora cross, and will probably be eaten, though one will be sold as a pet to a neighbor's kid.

baby rex/angora bunny
one week old baby bunny. their rex momma is doing a Great job, especially for her first litter.