making a shirt from buckskin

laying out pattern on buckskin
i initially used charcoal to lay out a pattern for shorts on my first buckskin, and though i could just Barely have had enough, i wouldn't have had extra to make buckskin lacing. so i decided to make a half-shirt (since that's mostly what i wear all summer anyway) and ignored the charcoal in favor of chalk lines. for pattern reference, i cut up one of my favorite old half t-shirts (which i will likely sew back together and keep wearing).

lacing buckskin shirt
cutting into that buckskin was Difficult. psychologically, i mean. then i was lining up edges, cutting strips of lacing from extra scrap pieces, and punching holes with my awl to lace through. i chose to do an 'x stitch' for a more open seam - presumably ideal for summer wear.

i'll post more pictures of the finished shirt soon. especially once i get a chance to wear it in the heat and get it to its final, trimmed state.

note: i had not really made clothes before this. i have sewn one horrible, ill-fitting pair of pants, and made a few pairs of passable underwear. and of course knitted a few hats/scarves/mittens/whatever. but tailoring is a whole 'nother adventure. so if you're telling yourself 'oh no way could i ever do that' - get over it.