snowflakes and wool boots

six pointed snowflakes
we've gotten some beautiful snow lately. every now and then i get a good close look at individual snowflakes - lately they've all been six-sided. these ones were on my suede thrift store coat as i was taking pictures of salve jars for my etsy shop. pretty.

felted wool boots in progress
my felted wool boots have been coming along. i've done some decorative felting on them in white and am adding brown wool to cover up the messy-looking pinkish purple. if i had processed the wool more thoroughly before felting it'd look more tidy, but. what can i say. i'm lazy and a savage, and i don't want perfect looking boots. but they're coming along anyway.

not much else lately. chop wood, build fires. haul snow, melt on wood stove, care for critters. look at snow. make boots.