last winter moon

the chicken babies are two weeks old now, and have learned to roost. it is way cute.

proud roosting chicken baby

they also fly around like crazy, so i took out one of the oil lamp spots, including its hardware cloth shield, and made the other lamp's shield go all the way to the top of the brooder. no babies flying into the lamp. though sometimes they DO flap their wings hard enough to Extinguish the lamp.

new lamp shield

i worked on a spring spiral moon calendar the other day. this is a bit of a 'template' for one, since i'll add day lines based on what time zone it's made for so that whoever's using it can really see what time of day any given phase is occurring. this one was drawn on watercolor paper with home made walnut ink and a little 'pen' that i carved out of a piece of bamboo.

working on a spiral moon calendar

and, in weather news, it's been pretty balmy here. we had one night recently that dropped into the 20's and gave us some freezing rain and snow all blowing in from the north. then it warmed back up. but it did paint the north side of everything white for a day. very pretty. then snow started plopping down off all the trees for hours. it has been nice not to have to melt snow on the stove every day.

white trees? no. just north-blown snow.