baby prep and boots (both, again)

felted wool boots in progress
boots still progressing in random moments. i still need to wet felt them to shrink and shape them a bit further, and especially now to lock down this top layer of wool. there's also a bit of brown to add yet.

chicken brooder
and the chicken brooder is complete, just in time. our chickens arrive tomorrow and i want the babies to be nice and snug. there'll be fabric of some sort over the top of the tinfoil on the lid of the brooder to help trap heat, though parts of the hardware-cloth walls will be exposed so i can be certain there's adequate ventilation for the oil lamps. don't want my babies breathing in lamp fumes. they'll enjoy hot firebricks wrapped up in fabric, too. good for snuggling.

one day soon, i will have several excellent breeds of chicken that are cunning and strong and reproduce on their own. i will have enough eggs for eating year round and offering some to neighbors. hopefully this will be the last year that i buy them and play at mama-hen like this.