snow dance, baby prep

most of the time we hear talk of 'snowfall' - for example, a few days ago, i prayed for snow (4-8" please) and we had around 6" of snow fall from the sky over the next 48 hours. yesterday and today, we're not experiencing snowfall - we're experiencing snow dance. while in its particulars it looks just as elegant as it sounds, in the larger sense this means that i'm wading through knee-high drifts to feed the poultry in the mornings, and when i turn to go back to the shed my tracks have already disappeared. the snow falls, twists, drifts, lifts and turns - in short, dancing.


luckily, about a week and a half ago my lovely friend seamus came for a day to help me prepare more firewood in exchange for a few laying hens later in the year. with his fancy chainsaw and me as the draft animal, we processed a handful of 16' logs and one whole tree that had been deadfall in the draw earlier in the autumn. i've started tapping into those piles now, and boy am i glad they're there! the shed is holding heat SO well and is hovering between 60 and 70F most of the time.

beginning of chicken brooder

before the snow hit, on one of those strange 40-something days, i started building a chicken brooder. here it is, upside down and waiting to be completed. it's got a bottom and partial walls, and will get some hardware cloth around the tops of the walls, a partial roof, and then will come inside where i'll add bedding, water and food, and fenced-off kerosene lamps for heat. the top will get covered with blankets to retain warmth, and that hardware cloth around the walls will ventilate the whole thing, hopefully without losing too much heat. my baby birds will ship out in Twelve Days!!! i love baby season.