winter germination

as i'm sure you've noticed in recent posts, i'm finally having the winter crafting time that i've hoped for over the last several years. there are a few things that have made this possible - the help of friends throughout the growing season, the support of friends farther afield who have donated to my homestead, and the blessing of local work that i do for ecovillage education us.

river rock pendants

thanks to these conditions, i was decently prepared for winter. i have firewood ready, a Warm home, good clothing, lots of food put up, and plans for a steady income this year. some of the crafts i'm working on right now will be income as they're sold in my etsy shop, and some will be sent out as 'perks' or thank you gifts to folks who donate to the indiegogo campaign that's funding scholarships for students who attend our eeus course this year.

it's a pretty nice cycle, if you think about it... winter here in my home communities is a quiet time, with no garden work and little physical work to keep ourselves warm and fed. so my lovely coworkers and i are focused on sending out energy for the 2014 course, finding the people who are just right to enter into an immersive education at the ecovillage, where they can learn how to bring sustainable community practices to their homes, neighborhoods, or forming communities. we get to craft wonderful things - dream catchers, herbal medicines, hand made soaps and hand spun yarn (among many other gifts) - that will drift out into the world, thanking the people that offer their hard earned money to bring students in the summer through generous scholarships.


as we've seen from the graduating class of 2013, those students spread out across the globe initiating their own projects, doing research and forming communities in the best way possible - holistically, and with open minds. this is what i treasure most in my job: this respect for self care, for realism and optimism holding hands and looking at the state of our world and crafting a new sustainable culture that can grow to care for our societies and ecosystems. we draw in only students who seem the most excited, the most ready to truly absorb and benefit from this education. it's not the work of cold-calling salesmen. it's not blind advertising. it is a sweet song spread through word of mouth networks, through sister communities, through friends and neighbors.

and by passing my winter crafting beautiful things from the land, i help our 2014 students make their way to the course, as we're able to grant more scholarships and ease their way. i help communities i will never even see as the legacy of our students ripples out across the planet. and i help my home communities as well, supporting work for myself and my neighbors in providing education, food, and resources that make our course possible.

new wand

please be a part of our cycle. join in this sweet song that is the call to sustainability, and support our campaign by donating a few dollars (or dozens), telling your friends or coworkers, or even writing a blog post or creating a podcast to really help share our work. we're so thrilled to have your support, to welcome you into the web of change.

*if you'd like to share more information about the ecovillage education course but would like some facts or other information to help you out, e-mail*