viking tent paddock shelter

my animals needed a winter shelter. i didn't want to build something solid, because i was so busy this year i didn't have time to do something using the materials and methods i feel committed to, so i chose something pseudo-temporary instead: a movable, canvas covered shelter based on ancient viking tents.

viking tent/paddock shelter

i found a pdf online from some folks who do period reproductions of things like this, giving all sorts of great detail based on finds from a viking ship from 900-1000ad. my version is not exactly a 'reproduction' piece, but the frame itself was made without metal fasteners, and i am sewing the canvas cover by hand. oh gosh. so much sewing.

viking tent/paddock shelter

so anyway, the frame is made from salvaged lumber (of course), the joints are all tenon and peg joinery using wooden locking pins, the sides are reinforced a bit with some rope. by the end of it, the critters will have a cozy winter shelter that can be taken down, moved, and put back up pretty easily. and because both ends will have door flaps, it can face out into multiple paddocks so i won't have to move it as often during the growing season.

viking tent/paddock shelter

also, it looks undeniably bad ass.

my undying gratitude to jon, who burnt through countless cordless drill batteries making 2" holes in 60 year old oak. a feat as heroic and daunting as sewing this f$#@ing canvas cover. ^_^