sweets, crafts, and nursing a duck

we're still enjoying home made chocolates on a regular basis. jon made a lovely batch this time, of almond bark with sea salt sprinkled on top, and chocolate covered popcorn.... yum.

home made chocolates

and thanks to jon sharing some fancy carving tools and so-easy-to-carve birch board, i've made my first block print carving, which will one day make journal covers. here it is, partway finished.

block print carving for journal covers

and then there's my muscovy lady, whose eye either got scratched out or frozen and burst in the cold, or both. either way i found her a few mornings ago huddled near the shed, not moving. she was way too easy to catch, and it looked like her eye was deflated and hanging out of the socket. i brought her inside and nursed her through the day with hot mash and fresh water, put good herbs on the eye, and waited.

muscovy lady's eye healing

after a few hours of cuddling and naps, she perked up, started eating and drinking like crazy, and withstood even more torture at my hands as i spread healing oils over her poor, sad eye. she held it shut for two days straight, but whatever was wrong it must not have been completely ruined, because it drew back in and she had some amount of sight in it a few days later. now she's back to flying again and seems to be doing just fine. thank you, chickweed! thank you, yarrow oil! you are magical!