sewing canvas... and kitten... and more sewing

i'm sewing the canvas cover for the paddock shelter. by hand. oh god, it is so huge. there's three strips 5' wide just to cover the main body of the shelter, and then the door flaps. by the time i'm done i think i will have Almost sewed my way across a football field. by hand. through 4 layers of canvas, because i'm using a flat-felled seam so it will be insanely sturdy. uuugghhhhhhhh the sewing.

sewing paddock shelter cover

so it begins. thank goodness mardock bought and left a set of heavy duty needles around... i've been using what i think is an upholstery needle. it's very thick, and curved, which is nice because i have a lot of fabric to get through and work around.

sewing... for... ever

occasionally i let inkla the kitten in to lay next to me while i sew. franny is Pissed that i'm taking up so much of the bed. i don't know how long it will take for her to forgive me. and i don't know what the planets are doing, but there is Wonky energy going on and this canvas is slowly driving me insane.

inkla kitten helps with sewing

inkla is very cute. but she insists on using her ninja moves to creep toward francis, trying to cuddle. every time she does this franny leaps up. so i keep trying to grab inkla and make her stay by me. then more hours of sewing. thank goodness for home made chocolates sitting by my bedside.

looks around

eventually inkla realized she'd be warmer Under the huge pile of canvas. silly kitten. by the time i finish i can barely fit my arm around the fabric i'm working on to hold the seam in place as i sew. this thing takes up the Entire bed. but man, when it's done, it's going to be So. Fricking. Awesome.