for-real art supplies

recently i was gifted with art supplies - watercolor paints and pencils, fancy papers, brushes, and palette. i haven't owned supplies like this before, as i've always just made do with random things that came to hand, and now in this lifestyle would not choose to purchase things rather than make some substitute with my own hands.

painting for journal covers
but a friend saw me having a great time making art with fancier materials, and passed on this gift. and so i've been painting, and making these extra-fancy journals. they have a lovely feel to them. the watercolor paper is a great thickness and holds color beautifully. the coptic binding is a pleasure to do, and lends a lot of weight to the journals, a look of seriousness.

new fancy painted journal
and boy, those paints are beautiful. being able to use such color is a rare treat for me as i move further and further toward a handmade life, where any color i want must be harvested from plants or animals by hand, often over stretches of time or complicated processes.

new fancy painted journal
but for now, i've got this shortcut, this boon - and so if you find yourself in the market for a fancy journal, look no further. there are a few listed in my etsy shop so far, and more will follow. fancy journals - a fleeting glory of shagbark. enjoy it while it lasts.