crafty book projects and a shelf modification

i've started painting. it is Way fun. a great friend of mine gifted me some nice papers, paints, and other supplies knowing i would never buy them for myself, and so i've been playing with watercolors, making what will eventually become fancy journals. here's my first one:

painting for journal covers

i was commissioned to make a custom garden journal as a gift for my neighbors. i was happy to be given a decent amount of artistic license, and adorned the covers with pictures from an old national geographic publication. the photos are from a homestead in alaska, that to me seemed to evince some of the same orderly, abundant, and cozy vibes of my neighbor's home. i hope this journal serves them well.

special garden journal

my latest tiny construction project has been to adapt these bedside shelves. last winter i started building them myself, and when i got overwhelmed grant took over and got a few shelves up and functioning. now that they've been up almost a year, and i'm looking forward to another winter in the shed, i wanted to mess with the heights and especially make a much deeper shelf at just the right height for a lamp for bedside reading. i even painted the new parts, so it all looks nice and blue! i love my shelves. and i love jon's cordless power tools, making projects so much easier.

lovely shelves