home made chocolates and minor retrofits

brick chocolate for melting

it's the holiday season, and for me that has always meant delicious home made treats. from the standard chocolate chip cookies and cookie-cutter dreams, to melting chocolate down to slather onto whatever i can get my hands on - like pretzels, almonds, and cashews.

nuts and pretzels ready for chocolate

those of you who know me personally are likely aware i have a severe sweet tooth. it's way cheaper to make these at home, appreciate the labor involved, and then savor them for a few days than to just pick them up at the store and pay $3-5/pound.

chocolate covered pretzels

i am especially a fan of chocolate covered almonds dusted with cocoa powder.

chocolate covered almonds w/cocoa powder

aside from delectable treats, today's been exciting because i cut up this little wooden box (salvaged from somewhere or other) and re-fitted it to act as a shelf for my berkey water filter. otherwise the berkey takes up precious counter space and is tall enough to get in the way of the other shelves. but now, it sits comfortably closer to the wall And stores some random jars of things underneath it. And it's a much better height for tipping jugs underneath for filling. hooray! it feels great to have the shed more organized for cozy and close winter living.

berkey on new shelf on counter