hand made, wool stuffed headboard

oh, luxury of luxuries. a headboard! last winter i hung tapestries - and even a tarp - over the walls around the bed because the walls themselves were simply mud and straw. which is not very pleasant to lean against, and sheds debris very easily as soon as it's touched.

This year at least i've gotten the interior of the shed its first coat of clay/lime plaster, but That sheds, too. and, i figure i'll be spending a good amount of time sitting up in bed writing, reading, and otherwise enjoying the slower pace of winter. so i ought to be comfy, right? i've been trying to teach myself these past few years that comfort is an okay thing, and that rest is not despicable. so say it with me - "yes, it's great to be comfy!" okay. here we go.

new headboard

so i took some salvaged lumber, hurked my hefty wool mattress away from the bed frame, and figured out how wide the legs would need to be, how many slats i'd need on the back of it, and what size and shape of fabric i would need to cut. thanks to my friend rejoice, i have this whole bolt of glorious vibrant paisley fabric that a cherokee woman gifted to Her and she gifted to Me. i've been using it for everything.

new headboard

it didn't take very long to make. i used my trusty staple gun to secure the fabric on the sides and bottom along the back of the frame, and then started stuffing in scrap wool - stuff that folks just wanted to get rid of because it was full of straw and other vegetative matter. i made it nice and cushy, especially around the sharp wooden edges, so those were smoothed out, and then folded the fabric over the top and stapled it well.

new headboard

luckily i managed to fit it through my tiny hobbit-sized door, and held it precisely in place while jon tossed a few screws through into the bulky legs of the bed frame. this headboard isn't going Anywhere. and it is oh, so, comfortable.

new headboard by lamp light

i love wool!