making cheese

fresh, raw goat cottage cheese

made cheese recently - super delicious, raw, full of tasty herbs, and highly spreadable... yum.

critters wait impatiently for the whey to cool, since they usually get it as a tasty treat.

critters wait for whey to cool

if you haven't made your own raw cheese before, it's super easy -

-heat some milk slowly on the stove, stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn to the bottom
-after a while, the milk should start to get foamy, and the bottom should start to Roil - Not Boil. stick your ear close to the milk to listen carefully - stir more often now to avoid skin on top
-when it's Roiling and foamy, turn off the heat and add a Catalyst - like lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar - maybe 1/4 cup for 3 quarts of milk
-SLOWLY, SO SLOWLY stir the catalyst into all the milk
-let it sit a few minutes, then stir Slowly again to make sure the whey is nice and yellowy-clear. if not, add some more catalyst, stir slowly, and wait a few more minutes
-now take a slotted spoon and slowly scoop out your curds into a colander or sieve or cheesecloth or somethin similar
-mix in salt, herbs, whatever as the whey drains out of your curds
-when the dripping is real slow, scoot your cheese into a container and keep it cool and Eat it!