flowers and cuteness

pickled daylilies and green beans

i've been stopping by the roadside lately to harvest daylilies. the pods and petals are edible and preserve-able, and delicious. i had never tried them before, though i'd known for years that they were 'edible.' the pods taste like a slightly sassy green bean, and the petals are very slightly sweet. they apparently, when dried, are a great thickener in soups. i've been pickling the pods though they're also good sauteed in butter and served up alone or with other veggies.

drying daylily petals

i've got a few long strings of daylily petals hung up in the shed drying. i'm looking forward to having wild and home grown foods to eat this winter! also, my favorite chicken has been doing my accounting...

chicken accountant is not sure she wants this job

and francis has claimed the ridiculous orange car seat i salved from our barn deconstruction.

francis tests out new chair