canvas roof for summer house

summer house canvas roof in progress

the summer house is getting a new roof. we're starting with just a layer of 10 oz. canvas, sewn up on my treadle machine. the seams will get painted with pine pitch for waterproofing. we'll see afterward if we need to add a coat of linseed oil or if it'll be tight and well-pitched enough to shed water efficiently on its own.

if not, we'll add a shake roof on top with some glass 'shakes' to let light in through the canvas.

cost so far for the roof - 
poles - cut by hand for free at the conservation dept, ride cost shared with others ($15)
hardware - some roofing nails and some Serious heavy duty timberlock screws (maybe $20 tops)
canvas - $4.39/yard for 10 oz. canvas, about 27 yards ($120ish)
pine pitch - 1 gallon ($26)