busy busy spring

little chickens got bigger
i made it home from vacation and got to meet a new litter of bunnies And welcome two friends to the homestead. while that ought to seem like only a great situation, it went hand in hand with the end of an intense relationship and some big fears i've held for a long time around what would happen to my home when i allowed other people into it.

friend Rejoice is excellent at critter routines
so while the end of may and most of june were full of good tasks, great friends, and wonderful critters, they were also full of some deep grief and significant emotional turmoil. somehow we plowed through. we dug new garden beds on contour, planted potatoes and sweet potatoes and onions and dozens of transplants from a local greenhouse. we cared for baby rabbits and chickens, and moved sheep and goats in their paddocks so many times. we planted hundreds of trees. holy cow, we did a lot.