even on vacation

hard to see much of this basket except its size
i find things to make and ways to be useful. i tried relaxing, and spent some incredible time searching for seashells on the beach. rest assured exciting crafts and sacred uses will be found from those little treasures from the ocean. well, there were just so many interesting and different plants that i kept walking past... that i started playing with some.

my wedding gift for my step sister got delivered in a small grass and branch basket. i gifted her some plantain oil along with a poem explaining how it might soothe the wounds both on the surface and in a relationship. then i got ambitious and started trimming some unruly hedges around the beach neighborhood, and made a Large basket. i ended up having help from my mom and my little cousin as well. it went home with little cousin - she seemed pretty pleased about it. but then i realized my mom had wanted it, too - so she went home with this third basket, another branch/grass hybrid. the handle is wrapped in cordage - my first try making it from yucca leaves.

my third basket made on vacation
this is how i like to spend vacation :) what else am i to do, so far from home? i got sick for a while from sleeping indoors with air conditioning, and so relocated to the deck for the last half of the week. and was still mightily tempted by the ability to lay around and watch movies all day. what a shame. i wish i had spent more of that time on the beach.