spreading the love

hi friends,

this is the next step of our offering thorough and genuine thanks to everyone who has contributed to our indiegogo campaign.

first, the shout outs: to furbs and erica gunnison: THANK YOU! your support is so crucial and appreciated. <3 br="">

those of you who have claimed perks will start receiving them over the next few days. some perks have been Added since the campaign started, and you CAN claim more than one perk as long as it's "less $" than the amount you donated. SO, if you want to CHANGE your perk, please let me know! comment here, or e-mail me, or comment on the campaign page and i will make a note and send your preferred perk. hooray for getting cool stuff in the mail!

in other news, the money that we have received so far is being put to great use. we've bought Much needed hardware cloth for rabbit hutches that will keep Mink away, traveled south to pick up our new ewe Lovey and her lambs, and Returned to the same farm to receive Two Freely offered wethers to provide wool and keep our ladies company. we were also Gifted Loads of free wool! we received confirmation of our tree order, which means we'll receive All 600 that we ordered for hedgerows, food, medicine, and shelter. we will hopefully also be placing a bulk order of a few herb and vegetable starts that will really firmly establish an abundance of food and medicine/spices this year and into the future.

we are well over halfway now, but only have TWELVE DAYS LEFT to raise $4,200. help us make it to $3,000 this weekend! post another tweet and share my facebook event or posts with your friends. say something about a project we're doing that you enjoy, and link to our campaign page. mention us in your next blog post. it is making Such a difference!!! thank you, thank you, forever thank you.