our new boys, and all the babies

these are our two new boys, john and teddy. they're wethers that we got along with lovey the ewe and her two lambs from the Coffman Spinning C Farm. they have been a treat so far and are keeping the ladies great company. both boys love to get scratches and pets, though we are working on helping teddy heal from an unfortunate case of hoof rot. the boys are sweet to watch, as they enjoy grazing side by side. i can't wait to harvest their fleeces next year!

aside from these large gentlemen, we are overrun with babies of all kinds - tiny plants, roots, and sets waiting to go in the ground, baby chickens and ducks, and hopefully baby rabbits in a few days as well. the refrain of my day lately is 'i want to check on the babies' - moderating their temperature, keeping them sheltered and watered and fed - this is the work of our bursting spring. it's good to have friends here to help - we couldn't grow this fast without them, and i look forward to sharing our abundance with friends as the season progresses.

our indiegogo campaign is coming to a close in just seven days. we have $1,081 left to raise in this last week, and are excited to be posting a gardening video tonight that i hope folks will enjoy sharing with friends to get us this last bit toward our goal. if you need a link to share, it's: http://igg.me/at/homestead there are photos and links you can share on my facebook page as well. or you could invite all your friends to our facebook event, or link to our campaign in a twitter post. thank you so much to those of you who have offered your support, either with a single donation, a shout out, or repeated efforts - together we are manifesting a dream world. hopefully here in a while you will come visit.