gooseberries in leaf

shearing esther the sheep

still so busy! spring is here to stay, with warm days, rainy nights, and way less need for wool sweaters than i’ve experienced in months and months. the gooseberries are the first shrubs i've seen so far putting on their leaves. go plants, go!

yesterday we dug beds and planted potatoes in one of our several gardens, while the lovely Furbs took more video that we’ll share with you soon. Grant and i dug and planted yet another bed for potatoes today… i bought 2 50lb sacks of seed potatoes this year, along with several pounds of onion sets. with so many friends on the way, i want to put our time and energy to good use and prepare as much as possible for feeding ourselves through the winter.

our first friend has arrived, too! his name is Jordan and already he and Grant have built mouse-tight doors for our large pantry. having a mouse proof food storage space is intensely important here, especially for perishables like bread and produce that need ventilation as well. buckets just don’t work for everything!

the seeds that are germinating in my pocket have begun sprouting, and are getting sown into flats now that are going into our new cold frame that Grant built and into a friend’s greenhouse. the ducklings have doubled in size, and we changed the scenery quite a bit here today by shearing our sheep, Esther. also, it seems like we may have found her a friend! there’s a woman not too far away who has some lovely wool ewes (blue faced leicester crossed with other wool breeds) who are lambing right now and need to go to a new home. we’ll see if they become the company that Esther’s been hoping for. the money you’ve offered is what’s making it possible for us to find her a friend. Thank You!

we still need your ongoing support – we’ve got just over three weeks now until the end of our campaign, and still have halfway to go. if you had two or three weeks to plan some way to share a good word about what shagbark is doing, how would you prepare? what would you do? let me know how i can help if you’re willing to spread the word, and i will do my best.