even more babies

we have been working hard to take lots of photos and video to share with folks since these are the Last Three Days for our indiegogo campaign. we are Less than $700 away from our goal! please enjoy the videos, see photos on my facebook, check out our campaign, and if you haven't already Shout Around to everyone you know so they can see all the awesome things we're doing, maybe tell their friends, and maybe toss a dollar or two our way.

just in the last two days we were blessed with a baby goat and a litter of angora bunnies. our young brown doe, anda, gave birth to a healthy little doeling on friday. then saturday morning our angora rabbit kindled, so we've got a few tiny squirming pink things that one day will be fluffy rabbits.

and today our little chicks ventured out of the cold frame to range in our fenced garden. they are growing up so fast! the ducks love being on pasture, and our larger critters seem thrilled to be in a nice big paddock space. baby plants are getting set into garden beds by the dozen. life is happening in such a glorious way that shagbark is quickly becoming a place full of nourishment. what a dream.


Anonymous said…
Cool animals!
Phil said…
Great blog
Good luck!