shagbark indiegogo campaign

there's my campaign video for indiegogo, lovingly put together by my partner grant while i was too overwhelmed to work on it. we're raising a good amount of money so far, but are still only 1/4 of the way to our goal. if you have friends who are permaculture nuts, preppers, foodies, hippies, or otherwise into the same sort of lifestyle and focus, please share this with them! the link is

my personal thanks to the amazing people who have helped us so far: margaret mccloy, jacqueline acorn, furbs johnson, paxus calta-star, eli kanney, will dobbins, emily kennedy, steward, russell altizer, clyde powell, april johnson, boneweaver, roger nehring, julie johnson, the macdonald family, laurel forbus, lisa m, pamela yeager, ashlee parnell, linda allard, and who who do not wish to be named.

these people are dear friends from a variety of times and places in my life, and it has been such a beautiful realization of how well i'm cared for that folks from all these different connections are willing to support what i'm doing, even when i don't write often enough or visit often enough. i cannot thank you enough. i will do my best to make shagbark great so you can see what a great dream you have brought to life. <3 br="">