2013 projects on my homestead

possibly the most exciting part of this post is that i'm having to amend my wording to 'our' all the time now because i Know that i'll have friends with me during all these projects. being able to expect help is making All the difference, and has maybe been my biggest lesson in moving out here. figuring out how to ask for and then accept help... oh man. fancy stuff!

here's the list.


  • movable shelter - wattle covered with hides? metal calf hut? tiny shed?
  • need fencing - borrow electric netting temporarily, then split rail fenced paddocks
  • establish hedgerows for long term permanent fencing
  • need food in winter - harvest roadsides and tall grasses year round
  • wooden pails would be awesome
  • grow more wormwood for natural worming
  • build top bar hives
  • gather tools for processing
  • keep ear out for wild hives or swarms
  • nest boxes in trees (done! will probably want a few more though)
  • sheltered roosts in draw
  • make egg baskets
  • experiment with pit/built black soldier fly bin
  • pill bug propagation
  • cricket propagation
  • water catchment that they can access, with overflow into sunken barrel
  • night time shelter, mink proof (unless they roost)
  • small pond for them
  • water catchment on their shelter with overflow into sunken barrel
  • groom, process, sell angora fiber
  • breed regularly, select healthiest young does as breeders
  • sell extra kits to pay for feed
  • establish large alfalfa row for perennial food source
  • all rabbits with mink proof hutches (ventilation, sun access, weather protection, mobile, water catchment)
  • move over garden beds regularly for fertilization, establish winter manure-catching space


shed and its area
  • lime plaster walls inside and out
  • fix up bed frame
  • build new (straw?) bed
  • retrofit pantry
  • woodshed on west side for wood and tool storage
  • trellis on south side
  • finish closing in eaves
  • paint it pretty-like
  • finish up shelving
  • grommet for stovepipe
  • fix up stovepipe supports
  • new top coat on floor?
  • new roof for outdoor kitchen area (thatch? metal? other?)
  • solidify pantry
  • sink a few barrels for unfrozen water year round
  • sink with a drain? (whoa, fancy)
summer house
  • build clapboard roof
  • fix batten nails sticking inside
  • build shelving
  • lay tongue and groove flooring
  • plaster wall joints
  • build gutters and catchment system
  • sink a few barrels (different treatment in creek bottom?)
  • finish stairs
  • build bed frame
  • install windows and burlap screens
  • build screen door
  • set up outdoor kitchen
  • fix up metal pantry
winter house
  • start excavating site
  • harvest shit tons of saplings to cure
  • build up ground level stem wall and roof to protect excavation from flooding
  • dig swales up slope
new compost bins
  • build farther away from leasehold boundaries
  • simple pallet wood construction (or willow)
new smallish shelters
  • built with wattle, osage/brush/clay, thatch roofs, pallet wood, awesomeness
  • replant living shelters - sycamore, poplar, tilia, dogwood, apple


  • scythe around trees often
  • flag as needed
  • mulch whenever possible
  • cultivate around and sow plant family mix
annual gardens
  • establish beds whenever possible
  • move rabbits over beds
  • border with slab cut wood when available
  • fence in with wattle
  • start seeds in greenhouses (happening!)
  • much with scythed grasses regularly (or with spent, matured animal bedding)
digging a pond
  • west/up slope from trees in draw
  • dig swales up slope and plant with trees to give more dig time
  • recruit lots of folks for dig parties
  • wavy, shallow edges for ducks/geese
dig swales
  • mark out at Least on paper for anytime digging


making medicines
  • more containers
  • list when and how to harvest
  • compile usage information
making clothes/fiber
  • process wool
  • fix up wheel
  • build picker? locust thorns?
making alcohol
  • harvest/buy fruit
  • gather containers
  • locust pods, nettle for beers
preserving food
  • put up, dry, ferment throughout season
  • buy jars
  • build solar dryer
ink/quill making
  • big batches of pokeberry and walnut ink
  • preserve in small batches for longer storage
  • turkey, goose feathers from taylors?
processing dead animals
  • rot boxes, small and large, raised up for poultry access to maggots
  • work with other folks, shared processing space
  • make beads, tools, crafty things from bones
basket making
  • willow from river bottom - big harvest (work party)
paper making
  • make screens
  • blend scraps? how?
  • consolidate scraps
  • research plant/tree fibers already here
  • kiln plans
  • wheel plans
  • dig site, clay quality, processing
forge setup
  • small hut for forge and kiln/wheel
  • work with jon for setup
  • keep regulations around, season awareness
  • prep tools ahead of time
so there you have it. it's three pages on long on paper, and is full of ambitions. hopefully by the end of this year i'll have two picture perfect shelters and everything i need for a more comfortable and sane winter. we're going crazy on the gardens this year, planting bulk crops like onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and starting many of our crops via culture germination.

my rechargeable camera batteries are all dead, otherwise i'd share what pictures i can with you... tomorrow evening i'll have new material to put up and fresh batteries to work with. there's not much green here yet (Nothing compared to last year, after the not-winter), but hopefully having had a real winter will mean less ticks and more fruit. i guess we'll find out... welcome to spring :)