wouldn't prefer any other

journal excerpt:

had a good time at that dance party. ___ had come back in for a few songs and was about to walk out for the night when the song i had queued for him came up. he was stoked.

my hormones are crazy this time around. i'm on day three of my cycle and have not been feeling very 'up' for two or three weeks, because of relationship tension, lack of sleep, then cycling. things have been breaking a lot lately, and with the days so short i feel swamped. stuff to do at shagbark just so my daily routine can be relatively convenient again, tasks to care for the stock better and gardens, deer hides to salt, work at the cafe two days a week, other income producing work deadlines, and it's now well below freezing at night and the shed isn't ready.

today jacob gave me a stove, though, and i moved the sewing machine out to give the stove the southeast corner. got four milk crates from the cafe and made shelves on the counter. still have to finish the west wall. oh well. despite my recurring frustration i still wouldn't prefer any other lifestyle, and am trying to remember that most of this is the old story that 'good' is not good Enough. the shed got a nice cleaning up this evening after i put the animals up.