liable to break

journal excerpt:

got a new computer that i didn't really have money for. several days til next paycheck, goats are eating the apples i intended for cider. racked off the crabapple wine finally. ___ has been around a lot and has been fixing stuff for me - the stanchion and goat shed doors, built some shelves, and drew up plans for a woodshed on the west side of the shed.

going to buy new rabbits soon, need to raise money for them first. the chickens have been extra sweet lately. my one barred rock that's left has gotten cuddles a few days in a row, and now approaches me whenever i work outside to see what i'm up to.

my external hard drive adapter broke. gotta get it fixed. got the woodstove working thanks to neighbor tim. heat is nice. need a better indoor dish washing situation, cold water is really hurting my hands.

need cash to order bottles, too. got tinctures, etc to decant and nothing to put them in.

to work.