dying time upon the earth

journal excerpt:

i think i may leave eggs in with the redcaps and see if they go broody. if i can ride with the neighbors on saturday i'll be buying at least a dozen layers, if not two. $8 a piece and they're well cared for. sold a few quarts of milk to neighbors... selling milk and eggs in a regular way will be good. i think for the new coop i'll set the water bucket In the roof so i can fill it from outside, and maybe make a cage for rotten stuff so maggots will fall in for them. soybean harvest today and last two days - machines make an eery drone for hours and hours. goats will be weaned in one month - whoa.

been sad for a few days about being left alone, though checking in about it with friends yesterday was good, and i cried about it most of the day. mardock was sweet and gave me a lot of hugs.

i can hear one of the ducks swimming, splashing around. they are just barely starting to fly and honk - a very exciting process to witness. and gorse caught his first mice - two in the same night! ate them right up.

the south wall of the shed is done but for a tiny patch, and straw is ready for the north wall to start. worked on the goat shack - the nw wall has wood siding, ne and sw walls have metal siding, and may get the roof on here in a minute. we took a break to rest and i made some anticold tea cause my throat is scratchy and a number of folks are sick.

only one and a half signatures left in this book, nearly time for a new one. i'm going to make a new calendar book as well, maybe 1/2 or 1 signature per month so i can see year to year easily.

dying time is upon the earth, all that has died is rising, seeking solace and homage. time to strongly embrace our greatest selves, our greatest world, and honor the rest in release.