carrying on

journal excerpt:

made 1 quart jar and 1 smaller jar of echinacea root tincture from plants harvested at alyson's today. also put a roof on the goat shack! i'm sick today, throat is raw and sinuses dripping and lungs spasming. drinking infusion to kick it.

buying 18 chickens tomorrow. will put them in the coop and figure out something for the goat kids - either a pallet in the paddock or a divider in the shack. will have to do the latter anyway, i guess. may try to put some in with the redcaps and see how they do.

mardock branded me today, and did my moons facing in. funny that we've got opposite brands now, and i guess appropriate. they are what they are, though, and i'm glad they're there.

seamus should be here this weekend sometime. i'm taking yarrow's truck to dog and gun tomorrow to buy stuff - it will be a long, busy day. i'm glad sunday and monday seem calm so i have time to be around mardock before he's gone. he and ingrid had some drinks and tipsed off to the ecovillage for a party. i'm glad my feeling shitty doesn't stop them from having fun. it'll be good for me to get another long night of sleep, too. don't feel too sleepy, though...