best day ever.

journal excerpt:

seems like a long time since my last period of regular journaling - before witchcamp maybe. life is great - the world is great. many evenings i sit after dinner or lie in bed with mardock and proclaim 'best day ever' and find myself meaning it. trying to remove 'should's from my vocabulary. we are staying in the summer house on my new wool bed - what a luxury. it makes my body feel great. i still have many lingering tasks to complete, but i think time for them will come once winter shelter is done. the east wall is done, and the screen on the eaves is started. there's a big pile of dried willow for the goats for winter. we bought rabbits and i (mostly singlehandedly) built their hutch that same afternoon. the thatched duck hut only needs a few more bundles and a trim, then it's done. the tents are just for storage now. want to go pick more apples for cider - should be able to fix the press at sandhill soon to do our other four buckets. seamus is building me a spinning wheel.

what else to say? i feel so far along on my path. being naked doesn't feel 'naked' anymore, it feels normal/default. wearing shoes and socks is a discomfort, shirts are an inconvenience. i love that i get to pee and poop outside, get to be my full self so much of the time. this feels like home. i feel healthy. we eat so well. sleep well. love, talk, work well. my 'up' days Greatly outnumber my 'down' days. in fact i mostly don't have down days anymore - only down moments.