spring of plenty, part 2


rejoice hit a squirrel with the truck today... and while it was by accident, it was a perfect headshot. we tanned the fur and enjoyed oven roasted squirrel stuffed with butter and fresh thyme, oregano, rosemary and chives and surrounded by veggies... and the next night i made squirrel stew. we are becoming excellent savages.

we caught a mouse and offered it to franny, but she was pretty nonplussed and definitely lusted after the roast squirrel. poor dog.

de-nailing, always the de-nailing... rejoice took pictures of me while we worked on the summer house. while we had a decent amount of help from hassan and jon in the framing, i ended up doing a lot of the repetitive work and longer in-between tasks.

it's starting to look like a house! or something.

hassan and toon strap down a roof pole while i hold the roof up for their convenience :)

i found this awesome moth in my tent... so pretty! i've never seen one like this before. do you know what type it is?

i made cordage out of reed canarygrass, which grows like crazy in the creek bottom. i'm gonna use it to make a basket.

gotta run for now, my shift at the local cafe is about to start. more soon!