viking friends

over the last five or six years i have mentioned in conversation a number of times my 'viking friends'. it always gets a laugh or confused look at least, but i mean it - i met this group of folks at a renaissance faire back in 2007, and though we only connected a couple of times and briefly at that, the more i follow what they're up to the more i realize what similar paths we are walking.

right from the start i was inspired to hear what the wolves of vinland were up to - building a long hall with traditional tools, securing a plot of land to call their own, building culture and viking it up with drink, song, and good company. okay so a lot of drink. but it's all important - i've been holding land/resources as my bottom line, when really culture should be in there too. i can afford the land here, there are good resources, there are other communities. the biggest lack i feel is for a strong and active culture of magic and myth. the wolves of vinland fill that space in my mind in such an admirable way, and it's been a f*cking pleasure lately to see how far they've come.

here is grimnir's tumblr, with some awesome recent photos of a cabin he's building on their land. there's also their youtube channel with songs from grimnir/paul as well as their take on intentional community and what they're working toward. much love to other folks doing kickass and important work in the world.