two eggs

i've gotten two eggs so far. i found the second one this afternoon IN the feeder. i planted a bunch of trees for the neighbors today, and re-sowed my egg-carton-seed-flats since it hopefully will not frost any more. -sigh-

i also hauled over from dr a bunch of roofing metal and a huge hog panel that they were sending to recycling. and got some free pallets that jack brought home for me. i'm realizing that if i want to move Steadily forward in providing for my needs on the land, i either need to compromise in the meantime, or get a Significant amount of help. so until i figure out how to make all the many things i need out of wood, clay, bone, grass, etc from the land, i am using salvaged things and bought things. mostly salvaged. i am feeding my chickens 'layer feed' and my goats a bit of sweet feed each day in addition to all their foraging. it feels shitty to me, and like i'm giving in. but it will mean fresh milk, cheese, and eggs later in the year and for the foreseeable future if i hatch out chicks and breed a doe or two every year.

which hopefully means that on top of my gardens and progressing shelter, i won't need nearly as much money... which will leave me more time to provide more of my essentials in a way that's really fully satisfying - like weaving my own basketry, building a kiln and throwing ceramic water storage vessels, growing enough willow or hazel to do Lots of wattle and daub and woven fencing, harvesting and prepping enough herbal medicines that i can make local currency for my few off-land needs, tanning enough hides to start providing bedding and clothing, spinning wool into enough yarn to meet my clothing needs...

even once all these needs are met, i will be lonely. i think it's time for me to explore some way of having friends here. people who have similar enough goals that we'll be happy to work on the projects i've got going, with a good enough social dynamic that we don't require strict process. i don't want a lot of policy. i just want to live with people i care about and respect who want the same type of life as me. i need magic, culture, mutual support. and yes, it took me Leaving another community and living alone for a year to realize that. but here i am. what now?