thriving spring

i've been on the land full time, permanently since march 25th. i spent probably two weeks on the land before then, and i am SO glad to be back. the shed is feeling more cozy this year, now that i have some furniture garnered from auctions and friends, and now that i've brought some art back from my mom's in virginia. you can see pictures of me settling in and moving things around on my spring 2012 flickr set.

so i have been back about three weeks, and i've planted 52 trees/shrubs/perennials from edible landscaping (thank you!), dug more on the little accidental pond, come a decent ways on the permanent chicken coop, made a Temporary chicken coop, started on a chicken tractor, got a tent set up, have set up a hammock in the draw, got another barrel and cleaned and filled up all five of my rain barrels, have sowed more in the garden and worked up new beds. i have washed a ton of dishes, cleaned and organized the pantry, moved things around quite a bit in the shed, and am actively planning for a handful of friends to arrive and stay with me for the season.

on top of that i'm still managing to keep up with my three part time jobs, which has meant putting a bit of money toward my student loans and making an early half-payment on my land for the year. that feels really good.

computer time is limited, though not as limited as last year, but i've been posting more on facebook than here. more detail, flavor, and photos soon.

much love -