brief updates

i have to admit that while i disdain facebook when i live in a city and have an abundance of internet, i have been posting more on there than i have on here because it's Quicker and Easier to share and it reaches more people who are close to me. nonetheless, i Want to share the same things on here. you can find all of my pictures on flickr always, though that doesn't lessen my shame at not formatting them to be featured in posts here. anyway - here are a few updates copied and pasted from my facebook wall, to give you a few glimpses into recent moments of my life.

march 24: today is my last full day in the house in town. i work in the morning, then when i get back i'll fold up my little cot, scoot the last tiny bit of my stuff to the front room, load up the truck, and head out to the land. thanks Jack and Sylvia for letting me share your truck bed!!! i can't wait to get myself fully organized in the shed, set up cozy spaces for when my friends get here, and move forward on exciting projects.

march 27: the shed is getting cozier, i'm workin hard and walking three miles to the grocery store and planting stuff and organizing and soaking willow and planning and plotting... yay for spring!

march 29: my computer screen is black, even on boot. HELP! i looked up a few similar forum thread experiences and it sounds like it may be the inverter, or the screen, or the graphics card which is integrated into the motherboard. i took the casing off and the cables look fine, though there is a tiny white 10 pin connector that is disconnected on one end and i can't for the life of me see where it ought to go (if anywhere). this is on a dell latitude d830. computer geek friends, send your wisdom! especially CALL me if you have any ideas that don't require me buying parts. Carlisle, Jack, Russell, Paul (tell Abe!), or anyone else - how can i get my screen working? or, how can i get my information off my laptop so i don't lose it all? thank you!

...four hours later (problem started the day before): I FIXED IT I FIXED IT!!!!!! thank you to Abe for the e-mail and an easy link to dell's lovely how-to-pull-your-machine-to-pieces tutorials. apparently the display cable Was loose, cause i took the screen Completely apart, unplugged a bunch of internal things, everything looked fine, but when i put it all back together again, it automagically worked!! hoorayy!!!!!!!!!! i am useful in the world again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

april 2: i am on the internets again... enjoyed a few days off (okay, two days off). i have planted cuttings of peach, willow, redbud, and forsythia at my place lately, started building a cold frame this morning, reinforced my northside awning frame so the thatch doesn't sag through at all, sorted through a large pile of salvaged lumber, made a goofy little roost for my chickens, did a bunch of laundry, started cleaning the pantry (that a mouse has been living in - EWW), carved beads out of deer knuckle bones (the coyotes left a leg behind for franny), caught up on sleep, and done various other catch-up sorts of things. oh, and two hours ago i SIGNED MY LEASE. woohoo! i officially have land now. for the rest of my life. as long as i finish paying for it. ♥ ♥ ♥ heck yeah! now to cover perennial foods, long term shelter, water storage, culture creation. :D

april 3: my site is back online! woohoo! it's still the same site - (or, but now it's registered and hosted with, a provider i feel way better about than many others. thanks for the recommendation steward!

april 3: yesterday i built most of a cold frame (enough to start using it) and started tomatoes, peppers, and cukes friends who are coming out for a few months this year. tomorrow i will sow a bunch of other stuff for them directly into the gardens, along with my own seeds and starts. hooray! oh, and i started on the HUGE pile of dishes that comes from being away for months and coming back to remember all those old jars of random shit you meant to deal with last september... :/   

april 7: i carved deer hooves and put them in my ears. i am reaching new heights of badassery.

april 9: got all my baby plants/shrubs/trees from Edible Landscaping in the ground as of yesterday! woohoo! hardy almond, hardy kiwi, pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lavender, rosemary, houttuynia, edible nut pine, passionflower... yummy things. ♥

also started layering branches on the chicken coop, it looks awesome. oh, and last night franny and i slept in a hammock strung up under the trees in the draw! it was beautiful, and i must say, we managed to balance ourselves pretty well.

and the chickens are free range now and are Loving it. they jet across the path every couple minutes just to celebrate their freedom. they are so entertaining.

april 11: yesterday was kind of like a day off... i didn't do any computer work. i slept in, walked 3 miles to the store with franny, carried my groceries three miles home (in Beautiful weather), got a few new books from the ecovillage library, laid around and read and ate chocolate... got tired of that, cut brush for the chicken coop, dug on the new pond some, hauled a few loads of lumber from the driveway, watered baby plants, finished cleaning the pantry ((above is the mouse that lives in the pantry)), and then read some more and went to sleep. good day, yes? i was in a bad mood for most of it, but looking back maybe that kind of bad mood was good for me. i got a decent bit of stuff done.

april 14: yesterday, i took a walk with one of my hens. she cooed at me softly the whole 1/4 mile over to Sylvia's place, where i traded her for one of their Dominique roosters... turns out i got all hens (was supposed to have one roo), and they got 3 out of 4 roosters. then i helped them unload some firewood from the truck and we talked about plans to go to dog and gun and the fiber guild meeting today, and then i walked home with a rooster under my arm, his head tucked snug under my elbow and his lovely striped tail feathers streaming out as i strode home. his name is sterling. 

april 18: guess what i did two days ago? i bought goats. yep. two dairy goats. OHMYGODIBOUGHTGOATS. HOLYCRAP!!!! this is terrifying and amazing. they are #24 and #37, awesomer names to come in the future. they are both ladies, are both Supposed to be pregnant (not so sure about #37). #24 is very introspective and has a gently beige coat, and #37 is all white, very dainty, and Super friendly and sweet. they are Saanens. i ♥ them.

april 18: other huge update: i am having a phone line dug. this means i will soon ALWAYS be accessible via landline that won't drop your call, and i can have internets In My Shed whenever i want to pay for it. holy shit, the world is an amazing place.

april 18: they finished plowing in my phone line today, should get hookup tomorrow... not that i've purchased a phone yet. also tomorrow i will bring my goats home from the neighbors' place! it'll be a big day. ♥ wish me luck

april 19: yesterday afternoon, as i walked home from yarrow after a long day of work and errands, all the goats turned their heads toward me as i passed. and My two goats Came Up To The Gate to nuzzle me and say hello and be sweet. oh, my heart swelled almost out of my chest. my life is overfull with chaos and to-do's and lack of money and craze, but i have the affection of my goats. that is enough.