goodbye winter

march is already one third over. in two weeks it will be spring. despite Intentions to the contrary, my winter ended up involving a good bit of hibernation, indulgence, and resting up. but spring is just around the edge of days, and i'm trying to kick myself back into a higher gear to handle it smoothly.

i enjoyed a wonderful ten-day trip to virginia thanks to my friend fiver, who bought me a round trip bus ticket and hosted me at acorn. it was such a pleasure to catch up with friends, family, and lovers, to sleep in the cuddle collective, to give and receive so many enthusiastic hugs. to be around for validation day! which is way fun in community, and just to be on vacation -ahh- i am so lucky. you can see some pictures from my trip over here, in my flickr set.

while it seems like a big vacation should be kind of a standalone big update, it's really just one more piece of the pie. i have been moving forward on work in my two new part time jobs (one redesigning a web site for a local business, another acting as admin for an ecovillage design course happening at dr this summer), writing out lists of tasks to prioritize once i am back on the land, processing some of the 4 fleeces (sheep, alpaca) that i have had since last year, generally organizing, cleaning up, and packing my room, tying up loose ends to make life easier once i'm in the shed again, re-adjusting to sleeping on a cot since i'm getting rid of the twin bed i got at auction a few months ago, joining the ecovillage's vehicle co-op so i have better transportation options in the future, and doing my best to support a loved one in a really tough situation.

so that's the super-condensed version of where i'm at. starting tomorrow i will be on the land for a week, and will hopefully move most, if not 99%, of my belongings out there during that time. i'll hopefully also enjoy an extended visit with a partner, get computer work done, build a chicken coop, and magically have the shed set up for spring living by the end of that week. hah. wish me luck!