sugar free day twelve

yesterday was a challenge.

i woke up sick, was called from work as i was getting ready, walked into a Crazy rush, had drippy nose and felt more and more like crap, served slice after slice of pie and watched a new chocolate layer cake get cut and served. i was Hungry at work, and wanted that chocolate cake so badly.

but i made it home, after a six and a half hour shift, and went grocery shopping and got good foods, and was very glad i decided to stay home for new year's eve - i really needed the rest.

long story short - i'm still fine with no sugar. when i am hungry and See conventional sweets, cravings/temptation are more likely. but i'm still fine in avoiding it, in knowing that there is no way i'll consume it. i Do still want to make myself some acceptable dessert. and i am considering, at some mile marker - maybe one month or something, letting myself make some brownies or cookies or something and seeing if i even still enjoy them. a lot of people that follow the primal blueprint lifestyle go 80/20 - which means they follow the guidelines 80% of the time, and 20% they don't. so there are a lot of folks eating out on the weekends and not worrying about it, and they still look and feel good and are moving in the direction they want, losing weight or building muscle or whatever. and i think ultimately i will be able to do that, but i still think sugar is powerful enough for me that i need to be Extra extra cautious about it.

did you do anything special for the new year? do you have any resolutions? i kind of consider from all hallows onward to be 'dying time' and around solstice to be 'gestation time' so i've been letting things decompose and nurturing the things that i want born into my life over a bit longer period - but you could probably still call them resolutions. i'd love to hear what yours are, and how you plan to succeed.


rita bee said…
Hi- I got here from MDA, and thought I'd throw down wwith my resolutions...

1- follow leptin reset protocol using PB as my eating guide.

2- clean up potty mouth

3- start seeds indoors this year to be ready for Colorado's short growing season

4- long term, start CSA for my (rural) neighborhood

Happy New Year,