sugar free day sixteen

hell yeah! that's over a half a month. pick any month, it's more than half! i feel great. have added more fat the last two days and that totally helped with cravings. my housemate says it may also be a magnesium craving since chocolate is a source of it, and i have had cocoa/unsweetened chocolate the last two days while experimenting with primal-friendly snacks. i will probably start doing foot soaks with epsom salts to get some magnesium, too. also, that is another thing dates are good for. so much good information i'm learning.

tomorrow i get to make something tasty with ground pork. yesterday my dinner was hamburgers that i made and cooked up in lamb tallow. they were frickin' delicious. i mixed them with egg, garlic powder, and spinach. YUM. i have never cooked so many consecutive meals for myself in my entire adult life. it's amazing. i was totally afraid of it before, and feeling lazy and not wanting to take care of myself, but the truth is it's kind of a blast. oh, and it helps that the two other adults i live with Love to cook and have all sorts of helpful hints and recipes. heck, their Kids know as many recipes as i did in college. they cook healthy meals for themselves all the time. it's incredible. i am so blessed to be in this house for the winter as far as diet goes. hooraaaay no sugar! and YAY no cravings!!

also, i have been doing bodyweight exercises a few days a week, and they are totally limbering me up. and it's great because there are a bunch of steps to get to each 'essential movement' so you can get a good workout and progress slowly and safely toward actual pull ups, push ups, squats, presses, and planks. i totally have never been able to do a pull up, and i'm really glad to have clear steps that i Can handle to get me there eventually. hooray! once i look more badass i will take videos of me doing awesome workouts so you can see what i'm learning. oh, and in the mean time, here is some of my recent inspiration: team gorilla.


Shereeeeeeee said…
its good to see you're doing so well! i wish i could get in the same routine as you. it hard to balance work and a 3 year old, though!! I MISS YOUR FACE!!