day twenty one.

twenty one days. i'm going to keep counting from here, but - i ate refined sugar today. i bought two Dark chocolate bars (70 and 85 percent). i ate one square of the 85% bar and it was too much. i should have had half a square. i also tossed a bit of bacon onto my salad without remembering that bacon always has sugar... that was silly.

anyway. the awesome part is that i think it's okay. i'm not having cravings. i eat when i'm hungry, i'm keeping my fat and protein up and my carbs down, and aside from those two days of cravings my moods are still steady. my energy is still steady. i think i'm actually leveling out at a new norm, and it feels good.

the dark dark chocolate is the only 'cheat' i'm allowing. i plan to eat it very slowly and monitor carefully for cravings, mood swings, etc. i think its benefits will outweigh its dangers. i'm still keeping a daily food, calorie, nutrient, etc journal over at mark's daily apple, so if you see me eating a half a bar of chocolate in one day, call me on it. but you know what? i don't think it'll be a problem.

have you fought to overcome an addiction in your life? how did it feel when you started to reach the tipping point?