sugar free day ten

yesterday was alright. i didn't leave myself enough time for a full breakfast, so i ate some nuts, a few raisins, and some turkey before heading out to work. i was a bit tired at work, but not until i'd been there a little while - a notable difference from Before, when i'd be tired the whole way there and all shift.

it was potluck yesterday, too, so i had grain - mostly because valerie would have hated me for life if i didn't eat her home made tamales. they were totally worth it. i also kind of spaced and got a scoop of brown rice with stuff in it... i shared some with someone else, but also ate some... maybe about 2/3 of a cup. and i had a tiny bit of rum, and 1/2 cup of mead after dinner. but still, no refined sugar. staying strong.

i got some questions and some looks of surprise about my diet at potluck, too. i forgot that i haven't yet sent out an e-mail to community folks nearby saying what i'm doing. i need to do that. i got some taunting (there was ice cream for dessert), some disbelief/possible disagreement, and some support. the best part is, i wasn't really affected by the negatives at all. it was fine seeing milk on the table (i'm skipping dairy for a few days to see how my body feels), ice cream for dessert, and alline's Killer no bake cookies out for munching. in my head i remembered how good those cookies were, but my body was not concerned. not craving. not interested.a total disconnect. i didn't even think this was possible, not to feel physical/emotional about sweets.

the best part of my day came toward the end of potluck, when i got to sing with someone while they played guitar. i love singing, and it's such a pleasure to make music With someone else. it was a rare treat that i hope will be not so rare in the future.

how do you feel about grains? do you love them? hate them? how do they make you feel? do you think certain grains are healthy, or better for you? what's your stance?


BT said…
My diet used to have a lot of grains/starch/sugar over much of my life. I certainly do not miss them anymore : ).

It might be a bit difficult early on. It is almost like dealing with addiction. That is how sugars and refined carbs work in the body.

Keep at it though. Have a positive goal (i.e. get better at asport X or activity Y). Pure weight loss goals may not be sustainable when it comes to breaking addictions.

You are doing good and moving in a healthy direction. Good luck.
hennalion said…
thanks BT :) weight loss is not my goal, though i do expect my weight to go back down to my normal range (150's) following this diet.

i absolutely treat my relationship with sugar as an addiction, as it has become moreso over time, in a way that a month ago was scary enough that i started SERIOUSLY, finally, completely giving it up - which meant owning up to my habits around it and making sure Everyone knew what i was doing to change.

i'm glad to hear you don't miss the things you've given up. it's great to hear from others following the pb lifestyle and how their body has recovered, since it gives me continued hope that what i'm feeling now will be sustained.

thanks again :)