sugar free day six

day six was great. i spent a good chunk of the day at shagbark, scythed some thatch material, hauled cartloads of stuff around, ate well, avoided sugary things at a lovely holiday gathering, and enjoyed a massage trade with a friend. the banana i ate as part of my lunch tasted sweeter and more delicious than a banana has tasted to me in many, many years. i went to sleep shortly after sunset, something i haven't done since september.

i also took some pictures and two videos, which i'll post to flickr and youtube in a bit. i am in the process of uploading 11 older videos to youtube that you can see at my channel.

thanks, kylara, for sharing your grocery store experience. i'm pretty embarrassed that my cravings were overriding my guilt so often and for so long - when i think about it at all, there are Very few items i want to buy from the store, especially around here. it's nice to hear how someone else approaches it, and your habit of mostly avoiding the aisles. i hope you had a good birthday meal =)