sugar free day seven

holy crap. it's been a WEEK since i ate any refined sugar. i'm pretty certain this has never happened in my entire LIFE. i have always gone through fits and spurts of 'avoiding' sugar, but i still ate ketchup, bread, fruit juice, and all sorts of 'normal' stuff day to day that totally had refined sugar in it. even the seven weeks i spent in michigan eating Super simple, i bought nice chocolate bars and made 'em last a week or two.

but i did it. and i am still alive, and still sane. my energy is steady. not up, but steady. my moods are steady. i feel like i was living in a dramatic production before, whereas now i've got a clear mind and just keep thinking about which things i want to do next. the primal blueprint forums are a huge inspiration, as well as all my housemates and the fact that they wait until i'm gone to eat up the last of their sugary things before we All go sugar free. they're starting in january.

yesterday i actually went to sleep shortly after sunset, and that was pretty awesome. when work and schedule allows, i want to try to pay attention to sunset times and be outside for it, and go to bed shortly after with not much artificial light in between. we'll see how that changes my sleep patterns.

thanks april, for your comment about kombucha. yours sounds very refreshing. the stuff i'm drinking is Nine Months old. my housemate says she uses the girls to know when it's ready... if the youngest or oldest think it's good, then it's still got sugar in it. when the middle child says it's good, there's no sugar left in it. she Loves sour, and has a way high threshold for it. and when She tasted this stuff, she went... 'yeah, it's pretty sour' as i made dog-with-peanut-butter-mouth faces all over the kitchen. once we get new stuff brewing i'm sure it'll be easier for me to handle.

i uploaded a bunch of pictures yesterday and today, you can see them at my flickr page. i'm feeling too lazy to stick a picture on here, though i know i ought to. i also uploaded a bunch of videos, and you can find those over at youtube. some are from last year, even - and i sorted them into 'playlists' - one for franny videos, one for farm videos. three of them are even from Yesterday! so go take a look.

oh, and on my flickr page the first one you'll see is my 'before' or 'start' picture for my new diet. this is the first time i've done before and after pictures for a dietary change. i've done them for haircuts and stuff, but this feels different. i feel pretty vulnerable about it. have you ever taken before and after pictures for a diet before? what was it like for you, how did it go?


April said…
Glad the kombucha info was helpful! It makes a huge difference when you stop growing it at the right time and put it in the fridge. Too early and it's weak/sugary, too late & it's like drinking vinegar from hell.

I meant to also add that I now go mostly without bread, though not without carbs (I'll eat rice, potatoes & barley, as well as fruits). It looks like I'm allergic to wheat, so what I feel on a wheatless diet is GREAT. I'm more energetic, and way less likely to respond to other allergens like animal hair and dust. It's awesome.

I still eat sugar, though taking out wheat means I can't really eat any conventionally processed foods. My partner Kevin has taken the opportunity to start wheatless baking - you two would like each other. He's really into fermentation.