sugar free day nine

nine days already. the first few days i was concerned that my energy was just... steady... and not necessarily up. the next week went by in a flash, and here i am - yesterday afternoon i had a lot of energy, and today - wow! i have felt amped up all day, and it's Wonderful. it's like the high i normally get from sugar and an obsessive/manic mood, minus ALL the negative stuff. i am in love with feeling this good.

still no sugar. had avocado today, that was nice. i love avocados. also a big ass salad with a bunch of good stuff in it. and i cooked up ground chuck roast with veggies for dinner... i feel so frickin adult cooking so many meals for myself in a row. i have never done that before, not to this extent.

i am also happy to say i'm very successfully going grain free... not having any problems/cravings with it so far. oh, and i walked to the grocery store with franny today, and i walked down the baking aisle and it was No Big Deal. crazy! that's crazy talk. i feel like the complete opposite of my former self... i am only buying healthy stuff now, and i used to buy complete junk with maybe one healthy item. i was so ashamed of that behavior. and i feel so proud now.