sugar free day four

day four is over... and it's been great. i slept poorly last night, but i'm not surprised since i've been using the computer in the dark every night before bed. i won't expect my sleep to regulate until i'm mostly back out of artificial lighting and sleeping in view of moonlight and sunrise.

anyway... no headache today. no mood swings. had a hard time at work staring at cheesecake up for grab for a few hours, but i was busy enough not to dwell on it. i think it's about time for me to prepare some naturally sweetened treats for myself, but i don't know what yet.

my housemate suggests medjool dates and kombucha for kicking myself out of that craving/low energy mood. i drank half a cup of kombucha today that was about nine months old, and BLECH! holy crap it was SOUR and gross. but, i drank it when i was feeling exhausted after a Busy day at work, and twenty minutes later was feeling energized. i think i will do as she recommends, and drink a shot of it every day - at least until she lets me in on brewing fresh stuff and i can keep enough going to have more. apparently after drinking it for about a week straight you start to crave it. i'm looking forward to getting over more stuff that i 'didn't like' before.

i finally relocated the bag of reese's that were next to my bed. i'd been seeing them every day, but that was kind of a good thing. i was worried that if i didn't feel like i had access i'd freak out and break my commitment. but having them nearby and seeing them as a distraction, and choosing to move on to something else, was a good practice. i think i'm over it enough now that they'll be fine up on a high shelf in the kitchen.

i chopped chard and spinach into my scrambled eggs this morning, which is good cause i bought it expressly for that purpose a while ago and had been opting for fast eggs and cheese instead of taking the time to include meats and veggies. i need way more vegetables in my diet, especially darker leafy greens.

i'm feeling more emotionally steady today, too. what a nice feeling. the 'ups' are definitely still possible, but the dips and dives are smoothing out. i am excited to be incrementally adding bits of the primal blueprint guidelines in with my no sugar routines. it gives me exciting new foods to focus on and how to include them.

i think the main lack that i'm seeing right now, which has often been my main complaint with myself when i'm off sugar (for a few hours or a few days), is my lack of productivity. sure, i went to work and did that fine, but when i eat sugar often i go at warp speed and get Crazy amounts of things done. i want to feel like that All the time. and i'm hoping that will slowly come back once my body is done detoxing.

my one other question right now is - should i even keep breads in my diet at this point? i feel like most of them contain some sugar anyway these days, aside from the fact that they act the same way in my body. so maybe i should just kick them out now while the going seems to be easy, and hold firm on the rest - meats, veggies, nuts, other animal products, fruits... no pastas, breads, maybe even no beans soon. i just need to get to cooking more than just my breakfast. guess it's time to clean the kitchen.

do you drink kombucha? what do you think about it? have you gone without bread or carbs or gluten? how did you do it, and how did your body respond? i'd like to know!


April said…
I drink kombucha pretty regularly... Sometimes bought but now we have a pretty good amount brewing regularly. I think it's delicious fresh and cold, in the fridge for a couple of days after brewing for 10 or so.