sugar free day eleven

eleven days. that's almost two weeks! geez. i'm doing fine. i have been thinking of sugary things occasionally (and no wonder, with some folks taunting me and with so much of it around this time of year), but without the urge or necessity of my old cravings. i think sometime in the next week i'll look up some recipes for a tasty treat with honey, sorghum, molasses, maple syrup, or dates and see what i can make for myself.

today i used some nifty online tools to calculate my metabolic rate, caloric needs per day, fat/carbs/protein ratio, and body fat. this is what i found so far:

based on an estimate of 170 pounds, my height, age, gender, and various body measurements...
body fat: 23.7%
lean body weight: 129.7 pounds
metabolic rate: 1606

calories needed per day: 2200-2490 depending on amount of exercise
based on what i've eaten today, i've had:
1,743 calories
113.5g fat
62.9g carbs
126.3g protein

according to the 'primal blueprint' diet, that's a pretty ideal ratio, since i'm supposed to be burning fat as my fuel, staying under 100g of carbs, and getting lots of protein to repair and maintain my body. i'll probably have a handful of nuts and raisins before bed, so my calories will go up some, but are still well under my upper range for the day, which means i Ought to be burning extra.

to find this stuff out, i used this body fat test, which should be accurate give or take 2 percent, and which suggests that 22% is a healthy, normal amount of body fat for a caucasian woman.

i used fitday to track the food that i ate and get the nutrient ratios and caloric totals from all of it,

and i used the harris-benedict equation to find my basic metabolic rate.

and last but not least, here are two articles from mark's daily apple (primal blueprint) about the ideal balance of nutrients and especially the ideal carb intake.

have you measured your protein/carb/fat ratios before? what were you aiming for and why? how did it work out for you? have you ever had your body fat tested, and if so, how? i'm curious what other folks have done!