sugar free day eight

yesterday was insightful. i forgot to take my dandelion tincture in the morning, was yawning when i got to work. that's definitely having a positive impact on my system. the motherwort tincture, on the other hand, seems to make me wake up more at night, so i've stopped taking that for a few days to see how it goes.

i thawed chicken yesterday because the night before i went to bed still hungry even after a snack, and decided i needed more protein. so i had my normal breakfast yesterday, a bit of cheese as a snack, a dinner with meat, and a second dinner of chicken breast with almond butter and chopped cashews on it. it was tasty =D that definitely helped my hunger, though staying up late i Did start to get hungry again just before i fell asleep. today i'll go to the store and buy more meat, and keep more of it thawed since it seems i'll go through it plenty fast enough.

my energy definitely picked up throughout the day. when i got home from work i had some nervous energy because i had a lot i wanted to do, a long list of things already written down as well as other imminent things happening. but this time (as opposed to almost every other time this happens in my life) i had the clarity of mind to look at my list and start doing things in a quick, efficient, patient manner. i got some exercise, fixed my room up, helped set up a calf hut as the new chicken shelter in our backyard, sent some important e-mails and talked to a friend on the phone that i hadn't caught up with in Months. it felt wonderful.

i actually accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and had time for a restful evening. it was pretty amazing. i woke up this morning and had breakfast a bit ago, and have already cleaned off the stove (it was Gross), the bathroom sink, and the toilet. my bed is made, franny had breakfast, and i feel amped and ready to go. i am not used to dealing with this kind of energy, it feels like i just did a ritual in circle and need to ground. guess i better get off the computer soon!

also, to give this post a bit more context - i am basically grain free now, and nearly starch free. i had potatoes last night with dinner, and the night before i had some millet and beans because we ate at a friend's house. i still have not had any refined sugar. i feel so good! i'm following the 'primal blueprint' diet/lifestyle more closely bit by bit, which means getting particular kinds of exercise, no grains/starches, low on fruits and dairy, lots of protein and fat, getting out into the sun, going barefoot, etc. to read more about that side of things, check out my primal journal.

what are your energy levels normally like? do you feel steady throughout the day? do you drag through it, pushing with every step? do you feel like you vibrate with momentum? what habits do you have that affect your energy?