sugar free day 3

i can't believe day three is already over, and i feel fine. no headache, no mood swings. my energy isn't great, but it's steady at least. i've been thinking about sugar longingly a few times a day, but i have been surprisingly successful in distracting myself and moving on to something else.

i spent last night and some of tonight reading various information over at mark's daily apple, and just registered at the forum there in the hopes that i'll find some specific support.

one of my relatives asked on facebook why i am giving up sugar, and while i expect to get to the long version over time, here is the quick and dirty version:
i'm giving up sugar because it is one thing that i am really addicted to, in a way that is beyond my control and scary, and massively unhealthy. as of a few days ago i was probably spending half my food money on junk (chocolate, ice cream, etc), and was eating at Least five ounces of chocolate/sugar a day, if not over a pound, in the form of candies, ice cream, cookie dough, brownie batter, etc. 

it has been wreaking havoc with my energy levels and moods for a long time, and i am fed up with the feeling of 'needing' it, and the embarrassment of my now Over the top habits when others would see them more than once or twice. i should not be embarrassed about how i eat around my friends. 

so, all in all - it was freaking me out, and though i have tried to change many times over the past handful of years, i was never able to do it alone, or with just one or two people helping. so this time, i'm asking Everyone. and it's day three and it's going beautifully.
 i am surprised at the lack of drama in my days now that there's not 'the sugar question' in the back of my head. it usually went something like...

"i feel bored/upset/frustrated/lonely"

"ooh, there's chocolate... i should eat some chocolate"

"chocolate is good"

"i'm eating chocolate... and my housemates know, and i'm eating a lot, and i do it all the time, and that's a lot of wrappers... i don't want to live like this. this is bad for me. i'll stop for now."

several hours later, repeat. several years of that and my self esteem is pretty frickin shot in that arena. i hope that my energy levels slowly and Steadily rise, because these dull, even days, while better than roller coaster days, are not so great. i would like to have lots of energy that i feel Good about having, and motivation to do the things i want to do. if i don't start feeling it just from cutting out sugar, i will probably try working in the primal blueprint diet and see how that goes.

does anyone else get stuck in these vicious, dramatic addiction loops? it's horrible, but it's something to cling to when you're terrified of being left with nothing. how do you feel about yours? what do you/have you done about them?