sugar free day 2

i was in a Bad mood for most of today, not for any noticeable Logical reason. no headache or other physical reaction to speak of, although i did feel generally at an energetic bottom line. not exhausted, but not 'up' or excited at all. i should mention that for about two weeks now i've been taking dandelion tincture in the mornings for energy and general immune boosting, and motherwort tincture in the evenings for restful sleep and emotional support.

i'm watching an hour and a half long youtube video on sugar in its various forms and their effects on the body, as well as the political and economical players that affect common diets and health. it was another recommendation from a friend via facebook, and you can watch it here: sugar: the bitter truth.

another friend recommended cinnamon as a common helper in lowering sugar cravings. i don't really like cinnamon, but i'm thinking about ways to include it that i would enjoy. any ideas?

another friend recommended stevia in the raw, which i'll check for at the grocery store in the city an hour away if i don't find it here.

i requested two books from the library to see if they can get them on interlibrary loan. i want to send out an e-mail to the tri-communities in this area to see if anyone has resources there.

i think i'll end the evening by reading the 'start here' information over at mark's daily apple. i'm excited to have support and resources available to move toward the type of lifestyle that i've been dreaming of for years. thanks everyone for your suggestions, your shared experiences, your similar and various struggles. it makes all the difference in the world to me.


Michael Bushman said…
Grow some stevia once you decide you like it.
Cinnamon~ I use it to help focus on days I need it~ just the smell of it is supposed to help~ try cinnamon sticks on window ledges so the sun will send the aroma to you. Also, cinnamon spinkled in your coffee grounds before you brew is wonderful and barely noticable. maybe a dash in a glass of milk, too?